Services of yachts

We manage and serve yachts to provide the customer with the utmost comfort

Engine maintenance

Our team is trained to maintain the latest motors for marine vessels with the necessary guarantees

Marin Dye

We use the best and finest types of marin dyes for marine use of boats

Maintenance of the Viper

We rely on maintenance of the best European and American products for maintenance of cracks or cracks or removal and reinstallation of fiberglass as desired by the client and required to work with giving the best guarantee to the client

Wood maintenance and decoration

We work on the maintenance of the damaged wood and restore it to normal in the case of alternative wood for boats and in terms of decorations, you will find us

Maintenance of air conditioners

We repair and replace the defective parts and restore the air conditioners as they were in your vehicle with the required time and quality required

Marin Electricity

Our team is trained to deal with marin's power for boats and to use proper wiring for boats with appropriate insulation

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